Meet the team

The delivery of the £1.5 million Canadian Pacific Project is dependent on a large team of people. A dedicated volunteer team in Eastleigh work Monday-Wednesday each week. Many of these volunteers restored the National Railway Museum’s Schools class 925 Cheltenham prior to this. There are additional volunteers who work in the carriage and boiler shops in Ropley, as well as in the main works and machine shop. Other volunteers are helping deliver wider elements of the project, such as tour guides and filming.

As well as volunteers, there are members of paid staff who work on the project. Notably there a number of trainees/apprentices who are based in Ropley. These younger people are learning the traditional craft skills required to keep a heritage railway alive. Expertise is called upon from many departments of the railway, from engineering to marketing across offices in Ropley and Alresford.

The Heritage Lottery Funded Canadian Pacific Project is one of the most diverse on a heritage railway and requires a broad range of people from different backgrounds and skills. This is one of the reasons why it is so exciting to be involved! To find out ways you can join in, email

Team members

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