Work experience for jobseekers

Launched in 2015, we have an ongoing partnership programme with Job Centre Plus to provide voluntary work experience to unemployed people.  Work is hands-on and great for people looking for experience in an engineering environment.  In this respect, the programme is unique in the area and rare nationally.  The tasks can be tailored depending on skill levels, but no matter what activities take place we aim to instil a sense of achievement for those taking part, so that they know that they have contributed to an important piece of engineering history.  Those who take part can demonstrate their wiliness to work and a reference is offered to all those who complete the four week course.  We are happy to report that we have both helped find work for candidates and gained new volunteers.  Even if candidates neither continue volunteering nor directly find work, most go away with a boosted self-confidence that we hope will help them find employment.


July 2016 Job Centre Plus progress report