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Please help us raise a total of £185,000 of overhaul and restoration costs, to bring our flagship steam locomotive, 35005 'Canadian Pacific' back to life!

Ashpan Appeal

We are looking to raise £4,500 in order to purchase the ashpan for Merchant Navy class locomotive, Canadian Pacific.  Unfortunately, Canadian Pacific’s ashpan had to be unbolted and cut out in order to remove it in 2014, when the locomotive was being dismantled for assessment. This meant that we were unable to remove it attached and a new one is required.

What is an ashpan? The ashpan is a steel receptacle mounted underneath the firebox and below the grates. It catches and collects hot embers, ashes and other solid combustion waste as it falls through the grates. It is usually fitted with dampers to adjust the airflow through the fire.

Canadian Pacific may seem a long way off from needing her ashpan but we are close to starting the construction of our inner firebox. Once this is underway the boiler overhaul will progress fast. The ashpan will be purchased as a kit of parts to be put together at our engineering workshops at Ropley. The task will be undertaken by one of our apprentices working on the Canadian Pacific Project. This will be a project which will allow them to show a range of skills and form part of their coursework for college. Working from plans they will need to construct the ashpan and then weld the plates together. It will be a shame that the work will eventually be hidden from the public’s gaze.

To donate to the Ashpan Appeal, download the appeal form here

Total raised so far £1932.50

Target £4,500

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Carriage Seat Appeal

We are looking to raise a further £23,000 for seats and tables to go in two Bulleid designed wooden-framed carriages dating from the late 1940’s that we are restoring at Ropley. Sponsor a seat for £240 !

No.1456 is a 64-seat open third, so there are 64 seats arranged in two open saloons (each containing 32 seats). While, No.4367 is a semi open brake third, therefore, it has one open saloon and two third class compartments right in the middle of the carriage, which hold eight people each. All of the seats for the open saloons are being manufactured new, because there were none surviving in either carriage. The internal frames for the compartment seats from No.4367 did survive, so these will be renovated and upholstered with brand new moquette (fabric covering).

The target is to finish Bulleid open-third 1456 by March 2019 and the aim for it to be in service by mid-2019 hauling passengers up and down the Watercress Line. No.4367 will not be long behind it with a target date of 2020. 

Donations can be made via cheque made payable to Mid Hants Railway Preservation Society. If you are a UK resident and taxpayer please accompany your cheque with a note giving us your postcode or download our gift aid form.  Please send cheques to Canadian Pacific Project, Mid Hants Railway, The Railway Station, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 9JG.

For more information go to our Carriage Appeal blog

Total raised so far £5,385

Target £23,000

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Sponsor a stay

The HLF supported restoration of our railway’s flagship steam locomotive, 35005 Canadian Pacific to working order, is progressing swiftly. However, upon disassembly of the firebox, we have found that its condition is far worse than previous surveys suggested. We need to replace the inner firebox and 2200 stays - so we need your support. You can help us by sponsoring replacement stays for just £25 a stay. This comes with a number of benefits!

  • Sponsor 8 Stays and you will get a seat on the inaugural train when Canadian Pacific returns to service, currently planned for 2019.
  • Sponsor 40 Stays and you will get a 20 mile round trip footplate ride on Canadian Pacific when it returns to service, currently planned for 2019.

Please help us bring this incredible locomotive back to life.

Total raised so far £36,488

Target £55,000

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General donations can also be made to the fund. All donations are welcome no matter how small they may seem to you. 

Please donate to support the Canadian Pacific project through our Virgin Money Giving page -  click here.

Thank you to everyone who has already donated towards the project, we greatly appreciate your support.

Total raised so far £120,301.34

Target £185,000

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